What pricing options are available to you?

In terms of paying for Consultations and Surgery the following options are available:

Fixed Package Price

This is a fixed figure which is quoted by the hospital. It is a fixed package price which includes the cost of Ms Shrotrias follow up consultation fee and cost of the operation. This is a one off all inclusive fee which is paid directly to the hospital.

Private Health Insurance

For most of Ms Shrotrias fees many insurance companies will pay directly to the hospital and to Ms Shrotria. It is important to speak to your insurance company first to gain authorisation and to also see how much of the fees will be covered; most insurance companies do cover the whole fee.

Interest Free 6 month* Payment Plan Through Hospital

All the private hospitals that Ms Shrotria practices in offer an interest payment plan. This can be arranged by directly contacting the hospital.

* Please check with your chosen hospital for up to date policies and plans

All payments can be made directly by credit card, cheque or invoice through Insurers.